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Ragleth in Steam


Ben Kirkwood’s New Ragleth steaming on Thursday 10th May 2012 for the 3mm society Meeting.. Bit over scale for 3mm

Swift Sixteen Brake

I think this is now complete with Brandbright T door handles, handrails, buffers and vacuum pipes.


Swift Sixteen Brake

A very nice Christmas present was a pair of Swift Sixteen coaches. This is the Brake complete with duckets .  Everything here runs on Playmobil chassis’s and couplers and these fitted extremely well into the coach body.

Next when I have some more super glue I will fix the floor.  The picture shows the running trials for the coach.

First snowfall of Winter

Swift Sixteen Snowplough clears the overnight snowfall

recommended even if it needs a little help on the curves

Swift Sixteen seats

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At the Perrygrove Vintage day they were running Heywood wagons with people sat inside.   Having just bought a set of seats from Swift Sixteen the obvious modification was to marry up the Heywood wagon with the seats.

Trains to Usk

The Last Passenger train To Usk

(Pic: C J Gammell October 12th,1957)
On the way to Cwmbran we travelled via Usk and always on the lookout for railway relics  quite a bit of the railway from Usk to Little Mill junction is apparent.  Last weekend the euromillions jackpot was £101million.

But we did not win otherwise  I would have spent a few million on the track bed there and two Parry People Movers and  what a garden railway that could be!

Let it Snow

I have just completed fitting the Swift Sixteen Snowplough and what an easy job!

The donor van was a standard Playmobil covered van.  Firstly the buffers were removed and the Buffer beam drilled to take two self tapping screw to attach the Plough. The Coupling was also sawn off and kept as it will be used somewhere else.  The back of the snowplough was carved out to enable it to sit on the buffer stocks at the right height.  Once this was achieved the plough was attached to the Playmobil Chassis by two long self tapping screws. The Van body was replaced and a third self tapping screw fixed high up in the van body to eliminate any flexing between the plough and the Van.  At this stage the Snowplough was seriously nose heavy but I have a stock of Heavy metal blocks which I secured to the Van floor at the other end making the whole unit extremely stable and weighing 2.750 Kg.

All that is wanted now is a fall of snow!


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