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Hay on Wye

We went to Hay on Wye for the day and walked down to the river and the old station site

Thoughts: ……..the line to Hereford was closed as it was losing £1,000 a month, £12,000 a year and the whole of the infrastructure ripped up with haste.

 Had they left the track in situ for the festivals… The literary festival alone attracts 100,000 visitors per year over the last 25 years = 2.5million visitors

 If 10% arrived by train =250,000 Rail Passengers at an average £20 return fare extra from Hereford equates to £5million in revenue.

 Whose Business plan did not factor this in! and that is just one weekend. God Bless you Dr Beeching.


Binnie Engineering Wagon

Whilst at Llanfair Garden Railway Show I bought this Hudson Tipper Wagon Kit from Binnie Engineering which was delightfully simple to put together. I just need another dozen!

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