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Without getting into an argument as to who should have won the Rainhill trials I had  SANS PAREIL cut by that nice Narrow Planet Nameplate etching service and fitted to the Skoda Locomotive

www.narrowplanet.co.uk for more details

Zillertal 0-4-2

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As a anniversary present very many years ago my wife  bought me this lovely 0-6-2 Zillertal locomotive but in one of the house moves the crank and motion gear got broken.

Many attempts to repair them has ended in failure.  LGB were at that time making engine blocks for Playmobil and they are almost the same dimensions  so in desperation I changed the motorblock to the Playmobil one with a new motor and the Playmobil Cylinder block and linkage. Not nearly so ellegant but very reliable.   eBay provides a superb source of Playmobil spares under the vendor PLAYMOKING.  I have bought many items from this gentleman and is highly recommended.

Skoda 109e

Having just bought a new Skoda Yeti    see


the obvious thing for any rail enthusiast is to look at the Skoda Transportation site  as they make some very good Locomotives, Trams and Trollybuses

see www.skoda.cz/en/

My view was the old Playmobil 4010 would look a lot better in the silver and blue colours of the Czech Railyways Ceske drahy and I think it does!

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