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April Sunshine

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April Sunshine and trains are running. Having just bought some more track for the return line back to the main station.

Spent the weekend in Carnforth and a visit to Carnforth Station and Bay Models is a must plus watching the Pendelino sets go through at 125mph

Raven Square

Have almost completed the jackson’s miniatures model of Raven Square Station. A well produced kit with the addition of cladding and roof tiles

Eaton Wagon


I have now completed the first of my Eaton Railway Wagons complete with a No 26 plate, made by Narrow Planet


The wagon was completely based upon the drawings made by Mike Decker. the wooden sides are laminate flooring but do not lift off as the original.

Purists look away now as the running gear and couplings are Playmobil…… BUT THEY WORK!

Danny No More



The first Locomotive I am able to remember owning was Gloss Black and made for me by my Dad on the side he stencilled my initials MJA on the side.  Sadly Dad is long gone  but the new Danny reminded me of that first locomotive he made. So I had a nameplate with his initials on as a tribute. The Nameplate was superbly made by Narrow Plant and is highly recommended.


Perrygrove reopens

April 2nd and it was the first open day for The Perrygrove Railway for 2011 and well packed it was too with Spirit of Adventure on duty.

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