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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Well its a riddle and actually from Alice in Wonderland to which there is no answer!
But I have been experimenting with scale ballast and very little so far has come good as it all seems too large so I have just bought a riddle or sieve
from a delightful company York Bonsai which is stainless steel and has three meshes 2mm, 5mm and 7mm. By crushing Forest Stone so that it passes
through the 5mm sieve mesh it gets rid of any large stones. With what is left you pass through the 2mm mesh to get rid of the small stuff and wow!
Very nice scale ballast. It is very labour intensive but the result is very satisfying.

Evesham Vale Light Railway

Please CLICK on image to enlarge.

With a growing obsession for 15″ Railways we took a trip up to The Evesham Vale Light Railway and what a delight with a trip out and back behind Dougal which was built in 1970 by Severn Lamb for Longleat before it came to Evesham.

Effie Mark One

Sir Arthur Heywood’s Effie had a straight marine boiler so a 40mm tube will fit into a Mamod front end and chimney mounted on a Playmobil Loco chassis. Next a cab front which is very minimal with two brass spectacles………

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