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Duffield Works!

Have taken the basic 6ft x 3ft wagon drawings and enlarged them until they are the right scale size and am now ready to mount a Playmobil wheel/coupling set.
This may be contrary to all the Heywood purists but they run and couple perfectly with everything else and they are the right size (almost!). When it comes to twin axle bogies the sets off the ICE train look favourable.

Change of Plan/Scale!

A chance conversation with Jez Kirkwood over Christmas about The Perrygrove Heywood Collection brought about the suggestion that I could run a model of a 15 inch railway on my existing G Scale track. 45mm G scale gauge = 15 inches =3mm to one inch or 36mm to one foot. Having been a three millimeter modeller for many years this in a drastic change as the 3mm society is to the foot not the inch.

A marvellous source of drawings is Mike Decker’s disks of the Heywood Collection which are on two disks one for four wheeled vehicles and the other for eight wheelers. These are available from Decker Trains 27400 Whitetail Road. Hot Springs South Dakota 57747 at $20 each plus postage and packaging.

Watch this space!

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