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Box Finished

The Jacksons Miniatures G Scale box has come together quite well and is very robust.
A recommended purchase.
Please click on picture to enlarge.

Signal Finished

Once in position and working the size is quite acceptable for platform mounting.
Please CLICK on picture to enlarge.

Big Big Train Signals

A very robust signal suitable for the garden is the old Triang Big Big Train signal which although supplied in red,yellow and blue( on the Right) with a bit of paint may be made slightly more realistic with a white post, grey base and a red board to the signal. These are Upper Quadrant only and think as I may I am at a loss to convert it to Lower Quadrant. These signals appear quite frequently on eBay but are getting to realise silly prices!

New Signal Box

Almost completed a Jacksons Miniature  Signal Box kit which was obtained from Dragon G Scale and very well made it is too!  Based upon the box at Castle Caereinion except the door is at the other end.

The handrail to the steps is proving difficult at the moment as super glue isn’t being super.  Compete with signalman and the mandatory home comforts of a chair and carpet.  I think I will matt varnish with several coats before exposing it to the weather.  A pair of fire buckets are on order to go on brackets outside and once I can source a nice nameplate maker the test paper strip label will be replaced with a metal one.  Please CLICK on any picture to enlarge.

Winter Woes

A heavy snow has meant the baseboards have buckled sufficiently to pull the track apart.  The next repair job will be to fit Playmobil Rail joiners and brass screws through each side of the joiner to attach them to the rail but this may cause problems with expansion.  Before next winter I will also build a snowplough and clear the tracks using locomotive power. You Tube searches for Garden Railways and snow show several railways being cleared of snow this way.

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