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New Home Signal

This layout must have signals but sourcing them is not straightforward.  A search in eBay under SM32 found this lovely item which has LED behind the spectacles, but illumination is for another day. It is lower quadrant  but the vendor, if asked nicely , will make other patterns.


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New terminus

The 45mm circuit never had a  reasonable terminus so have just constructed a Llanfair sort of terminus at the south end of the circuit. It is a basic run around loop with a double spur for a future engine shed.  In the opposite direction are two goods sidings

Andel Glyn Valley Coach

The Andel Glyn Valley coach is as close to being finished as it is going to get. Having populated it with a set of  Preiser seated figures from Dragon G Scale.  The windows are glazed, the couplings sprung and the roof stuck on.  It may just get a new set of PMB wheels when I buy some.  I must disguise the bead of silicone with some dirty matt black paint.

Marcway Crossing

After two failed crossings built from scratch I had Marcway make me an unequal crossing which is very nice but the angle is incorrect so I will have to do a lot of realignment of the 32mm track.   For those who are unclear about this crossing the 45mm G scale goes from left to right whereas the 32mm SM32 track goes from bottom left to top right.  The track was made in the profile of the 32mm track which requires the LGB heavy code track being filed down to prevent a step on the rail.

Scenecraft locomotive staff

I like to see locomotives running with a full crew so for the new open cab loco this is a must.  I have just purchased and fitted a couple of Scenecraft locomotive staff by Bachmann  Number 22-159 from Jacksons Models and Railway.  I still need to disguise the battery leads.

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