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Well! Almost railway

I had this Playmobil Coaster which was called Titan which mean nothing to us that once had the Eldorita so David Leftley Graphics  cut me some vinyl letters.  David produces superb model graphics for modelmakers. Search him out on the internet if you need custom vinyl lettering.

September Working

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With the crossing ballasted it is possible for both gauges to work over it although the 45mm track does not extend too far. A winter build is to extend the 45mm into a working terminus.


A good trick is to keep all your loco spares until one day you have enough to build another loco. I did not have a cab roof so it makes a change to have an open top loco.  It still needs cylinders/cranks /buffers and a front coupling but these are readily obtainable from eBay.  The 7.2volt battery which provides the motive power can be seen sticking out the firebox door.

Anti Bounce spring

An annoying feature of any railway operation is when a train becomes separated and splits. Usually it happens at the most remote part of the layout.  Using Playmobil modern weighted couplers are not bad but they will bounce on rough track and become detached especially from the locomotive which on this railway does not have a hook.  The first experiment was to put an expansion spring to the body but this restricts the movement of the bogie.  The Mark II is to fit an compression spring between the hook weight and the bogie as a shock absorber to dampen the bounce.  Trials continue……

Caterpillars on the line

We could have had our first real fatality on the line.  We are fortunate to have a second batch of caterpillars in the garden and this fellow wanted to walk the tracks.  I think if we get any more then some By order notices will have to go up…. Caterpillars are advised not to trespass on the lines of the Company..By Order

45mm Breakout!

Having two different gauges is not without its trials and my 45mm layout was confined inside the 32mm layout.  For some time I have wanted to expand the 45mm track but this meant crossing the 32 on the level as there was not the distances to build an up and over crossing. As an experiment I diagonally fibreglassed a piece of Peco SM32 track to a length of Playmobil RC plastic track having put a converter in from LGB.  Then carefully removed the flange space with a grinder wheel without the grinder.  So far the ride across both tracks is quite smooth.  If it works well then one day I will get one of these fabulous custom point makers to make me a Peco SM32/G Scale crossing.

September Saturday Sunsine

A mellow September Saturday and just the day to run trains. The new Andel open wagon runs very well but I think I will fit a new chassis just for appearance sake which should lengthen the wheelbase.

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