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Danny Painted

The Danny Locomotive has returned from painting by Roger Neale who also paints for Alan Keef so if its good enough for them it is good enough for Littledean Hill  Garden Railway. I am awaiting the brass name and number plates. It will be named WJSA in memory of my father.   The loco is now fitted with Playmobil Couplings  which although not authentic, they are very reliable no matter how rough the track or how tight the bends. The three link couplings were a pain as they were a fiddle to connect and the buffer linked on tight bends and caused derailments.  The only essential with Playmobil couplings is to ensure they are the same height.  This can be thrown out if you change the wheels to smaller diameter.


Brunswick Green Loco

A very useful workhorse is Playmobil’s 0-4-0 locomotive  and are available on eBay in both electrical pick-up or Radio Control (RC version). Radio Control does not work here so this one has had the radio taken out and switches fitted in the roof where they can be reached one switch is power on/off the other is forward/reverse and the reostat controls speed.

You cannot have too many hoppers!

Playmobil have made two twin hopper wagons this is the earlier version which originally had a small brakeman’s cabin on the rear but it  looked out of place so it was retired to the spares bin.

The wagon and the tipping hoppers are engraved RAG  which could be anything!!

Railway Aggregate Group ??? Really anything Goes.

Wheels are 32mm  diameter IP Engineering Steel Wheels on Playmobil Axles  on 32mm Guage and the wheels rust just like the real thing.  All couplings are Playmobil because they work!

Almost a Dogfish

I bought this Playmobil  Hopper Wagon on eBay and with a coat of paint,  some Littledean Hill Garden Railway Graphics and a load of ballast it appears not too bad.  The wheels are IP Engineering 32mm adjustable steel wheels.

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