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Faller Playtrain Railbus

For 32mm an useful item is their Playtrain Railbus. I have just bought this one off eBay at quite sensible money and is in quite good condition. Once the decals are removed it looks good.  A previous one I painted chocolate and cream but this one is too good to modify.DSC01354

Cardea Driver

I know its only a toy train set but!  Practice is that no train moves unless it has a full crew and for Cardea I purchased a 7mm driver from Rabble


which comes ready painted and ready to fit. As for dress code on this railway,  no corporate uniform, DSC01348no dress code and a woodbine if available, George has a red neckerchief and dungarees

just the job!


With bad weather the Garden Railway has to move into the dry and to work on the shed layout.  for this I needed a new shunter so I purchased a lovely kit called Cardea which is a close replica of Ffestiniog’s Harlech Castle which is a Baguely-Drewry 0-6-0 locomotive. Made by Smallbrook Studios is a joy to put together and has a Hornby Toby the Tram ChassisDSC01346

Failed Mamods

Having spent a long time and a considerable sum of money the Mamod project to get one working has been abandoned. With a new meths burner a bottle of meths and very long splints as soon as the water get hot it bubbles out of the safety valve and puts the fire out. The meths burner is then all wet, has to be dried out and the process started all over again. The same thing happens on the unmodified Late Jim Harris Mamod.  So abandon the project for 2009 and have a fresh start next spring.

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