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Midway Station

DSC01288Having completed the ballasting of Midway and painted both the grass areas and the track it starts to look more like a model railway.

Nellie Ellen

The Mamod is now reassembled with help and components from Alan Dunster at Dream Steam in Plymouth. She is only awaiting a new meths burner and can be refired. Modifications include uprated pistons, new wheels, new buffer beams, couplings, uprated safety valve and a dead-leg lubricator.   The Cast Nameplate made to order came from Back to Bay 6.  I am thinking it would have been less costly to have bought a new loco!DSC01285

Woodend Station in the Evening Sun

The balasting is now complete although not a train has run on it yet!DSC01283

New Trellis

The trellis is really a crash barrier for anything derailing off the 32mm Track.

However the new trellis is in place and Trains may safely run again!DSC01279

Overnight Problems

The previous entry shows Midway Station with a creeper growing on trellis as a backdrop to the station.  This is to prevent locomotives that come off the track from plunging down a 3m drop.  Overnight heavy rain and a rotten trellis caused all of the creeper to fall off. But it means the view behind the station may be seen. Tommorow I replace the trellis on Steel holders.DSC01276

Midway Station

With all of the 32mm track fixed the formation for Midway is complete and now just has to be made scenic. The two outside tracks are 32mm PECO SM32 whilst the two inner tracks are 45mm LGB/Playmobil Track. You can see two track gangers are still clearing up!DSC01273

That’s a better colour!

Anyone reading the previous post about this Mamod would realise my dislike of Hunter Green which was the first offering for this rebuild. A Google search for GWR Loco paint in an aerosol came up with the delightfully named  The Gas Cupboard-Models and Hobbies in Westbury, Wiltshire. http://www.gascupboard.co.uk. A quick order and in this mornings post a can of RailMatch GWR Loco Green 1928 which was when Swindon decided to do a colour change to a slightly darker green.  The enthusiam for the rebuild is back on track.DSC01258

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